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    Posted 10-14-2019 12:24
    Senior Associate, Electronic Resources Librarian, Strategy


    Full Job Title:  Senior Associate, Electronic Resources Librarian


    The Pew Charitable Trusts uses data to make a difference. For more than 70 years, we have focused on serving the public, invigorating civic life, conducting nonpartisan research, advancing effective public policies and practices, and achieving tangible results. Through rigorous inquiry and knowledge sharing, we inform and engage public-spirited citizens and organizations, linking diverse interests to pursue common cause. We are a dedicated team of researchers, communicators, advocates, subject matter experts, and professionals working on some of today's big challenges – and we know we are more effective and creative collectively than we are individually. With Philadelphia as our home town and the majority of our staff located in Washington, DC, our U.S. and international staff find working at Pew personally and professionally rewarding.

    Wise stewardship of resources allows Pew employees to pursue work that strategically furthers our mission in significant and measurable ways. We collaborate with a diverse range of philanthropic partners, public and private organizations, and concerned citizens who share our interest in fact-based solutions and goal-driven initiatives to improve society. Pew attracts top talent, people of integrity who are service-oriented and willing to take on challenging assignments. We provide competitive pay and benefits, a healthy work-life balance, and a respectful and inclusive workplace. Pew employees are proud of their colleagues, proud of where they work, and proud of the institution's reputation.

    The Strategy Portfolio within Program
    The goal of the strategy portfolio is to inform critical institutional decisions about Pew's programs, strengthen the design and implementation of Pew's work, and generate knowledge that advances Pew's program objectives. We pursue this goal by (1) enhancing the organization's efforts to generate ideas for new initiatives and larger bodies of work; (2) applying a wide range of planning approaches to help programs turn ideas into effective action; (3) using evaluation to improve program performance and inform decision-making; (4) ensuring that staff has access to information that meets their needs to design, implement, and manage high-performing strategies, initiatives, and campaigns; and (5) collaborating with colleagues in preparing a wide range of planning and other types of documents for consideration by Pew's board of directors. The strategy portfolio was created in 2017 through the merger of Pew's longstanding planning and evaluation department and a new program unit focused on strategy and idea development and has approximately 30 professional staff.


    Library and Archives
    The library and archives team is part of the evaluation and program learning unit within the strategy portfolio. The goal of this unit is to assess and improve program effectiveness, inform important decisions, and generate knowledge that is useful to the organization and Pew staff. The library and archives team supports learning by understanding and addressing the information needs of Pew.


    Specifically, the role of library and archives (LA) is to connect Pew staff to information resources that will help them to work effectively to accomplish Pew's mission. The team of five oversees Pew's library and its archive of historical information, with staff skilled in library support based in both Philadelphia and Washington, DC. This team provides staff with access to Pew's library and archives including internal historical records and external subscriptions to journals, newspapers, and other knowledge resources; and uses these resources to respond to information requests from staff across the organization including creating customized searches and information summaries, such as literature and media scans and legal research.

    Position Overview
    The senior associate, electronic resources librarian is a key position with responsibility for providing high-quality, robust systems that facilitate search, discovery, and delivery of library services and resources to the entire organization. The senior associate, electronic resources librarian is well-versed in library systems and works collaboratively with other departments to support the discoverability of library resources in both the physical and digital realms. This position contributes to the ongoing improvement, extension, and integration of the library's various systems and increasingly sophisticated search tools, including the library system, knowledge repository, and other digital platforms in support of staff learning and to meet their information needs. This position is based in Washington, DC, and will report to the project director, library and archives.


    • Administer existing internal library systems and external databases, including login management and the set up and maintenance of e-subscriptions.
    • Develop and streamline procedures and workflows for making the library's electronic resources discoverable and accessible.
    • Establish relationships with vendors, publishers, and consortia to proactively address ordering, access, and performance issues.
    • Troubleshoot and work collaboratively to ensure continuous access and technical support for electronic resources.
    • Maintain authentication protocols, specifically the proxy configuration files, for electronic resources.
    • Update and customize interfaces for electronic resource access and discovery.
    • Monitor the market regarding implementation of new and emerging library applications and knowledge systems such as next generation library catalogs, aggregated discovery tools, research and collaboration systems, instructional technology, digital archives, and simulation and presentation tools.
    • Through data analysis and the collection of usage statistics works with Pew staff to assess library and subscription user needs and expectations on a regular basis to insure they have access to information systems needed to effectively do their work.
    • Work to promote awareness of information resources and library services through regular training and marketing efforts.
    • Collaborate closely with the senior associate, research archivist, library and archives to apply taxonomy and metadata to locate digital resources.
    • Work with Pew's information technology department to support LA's online systems, such as Pew's library and archive catalog, online databases and digital resources housed in our intranet.
    • Perform other duties related to library systems as needed to accomplish LA's goals.
    • Represent LA on internal technology-related committees, task forces and work groups.
    • Maintain up-to-date professional knowledge and skills in areas related to primary job assignment as well as general knowledge of current trends in library and information technology.


    • Bachelor's degree required.  Advanced degree preferred.
    • At least four years of applicable experience, the majority of which should be with library systems.
    • Excellent written and oral communications skills, including an ease in communicating complex concepts in a clear effective fashion for both general and targeted audiences.
    • Recognized ability to meet multiple deadlines by maintaining a high level of organization.
    • Demonstrated strong analytical skills, including an ability to synthesize large amounts of information and to focus quickly on the essence of an issue.
    • Ability to work autonomously and independently, yet in a cooperative spirit.
    • Demonstrated research skills.
    • An ability to work with both internal stakeholders and outside contractors.

    It is anticipated that the senior associate will undertake occasional travel, usually to Philadelphia.


    Total Rewards
    We offer a competitive salary and benefit program, including: comprehensive, affordable health care through medical, dental, and vision coverage; financial security with life and disability insurance; opportunities to save using health savings and flexible spending accounts; retirement benefits to help prepare for the future; and work/life benefits to maintain a good balance.


    The Pew Charitable Trusts is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Pew considers qualified applicants for employment without regard to age, sex, ethnicity, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, military/veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

    Melanie Sciochetti
    Officer, Library & Archives Research
    Pew Charitable Trusts
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