Unit Opportunities

Division of Social Sciences & Humanities

The Division of Social Sciences & Humanities is seeking volunteers to fill the following open leadership roles:

Treasurer – The treasurer attends annual business meetings, and reports in the minutes on the financial status of the division in accordance with Association practices. Reports the fiscal condition of the Division to the Executive Board at each Board meeting. Maintains all financial records of the Division in accordance with Association Practices and submits required reports to the Association office accurately and on time. Prepares, signs, and submits an audited year-end financial statement for each fiscal year ending December 31. With the Chair, prepares the budget for approval at the first Board meeting of each new calendar year, and submits these to the Membership Department of the Association office by January 31. Pays the bills for Conference and Division expenses. Monitors all division fundraising activities to ensure that they are in compliance with Association Practices. This a two year term.

Section Chair, Geography and Map – Plans one to two educational sessions or events for upcoming conference. Two year term.

For more information, please contact Kelly Helm at khelm @ washjeff.edu.