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MAHD William B. Neff and MAHD Travel Grant Awardees, 2002-2014 

03-19-2019 15:03

The following individuals received awards from the Museum, Arts, and Humanities Division that provided assistance for attendance to the SLA annual conference.

2014 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Andrea Hall

2012 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Melanie Tran

2011 MAHD Travel Grant Winner: Akinboade Olufemi Iyanda

2010 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Kristi Kohl

2009 MAHD Travel Grant Winner: Marleen Boyd

2006 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Michelle M. Paquette

2005 MAHD Travel Grant Winner: Lucya Dhamayanti

2005 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Kelly Delevan

2004 MAHD Travel Grant Winner: Niala Dwarika-Bhagat

2004 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Kristin Yiotis

2003 MAHD Travel Grant Winner: Maria Luisa Calanag

2002 William B. Neff Scholarship Recipient: Anne N. Barker

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