Chapter Presidents 1941-Present

Historical List of Chapter Presidents
1941 to present

President’s Original Affiliation
1941-42 Ida May Hammond Ralston Purina Company
1942-43 Allen G. Ring* Mallinckrodt Chemical Works
1943-44 Virginia Dowdall Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
1944-45 Willard K. Dennis Parks Air College
1945-46 Anna Irene Marten Union Electric Company
1946-47 Elizabeth W. Owens Mercantile-Commerce Bank and Trust Co.
1947-48 Dr. William Fitzgerald* St. Louis University, School of Medicine
1948-49 Marion A. Murphy Washington University, School of Medicine
1949-50 Krimhilde Williams Southwestern Bell Telephone Company
1950-51 Constance Pfaff Federal Reserve Bank
1951-52 Alberta Barkley
Dorothy Drach
Monsanto Chemical Company
Engineering Library, Washington University
1952-53 Audrey Kargus St. Louis Medical Society
1953-54 Valborg Jacoby Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
1954-55 Richard Levine Laclede Gas Company
1955-56 Catherine Roberts Qunnes Work
1956-57 Constance Ford Union Electric Company
1957-58 Joan Ashman Washington University, Law Library
1958-59 Wilma Davis Laclede Gas Company
1959-60 Efren Gonzalez Grove Laboratories
1960-61 Magatet Madden Monsanto Company
1961-62 Rose Cramer Washington University, School of Medicine
1962-63 William Wilkinson* Monsanto Company
1963-64 Frances O’Leary St. Louis University, School of Medicine
1964-65 Jamie Graham Washington University, Social Science Bibliographer
1965-66 Alma Girand Pet Research Center, Greenville, Illinois
1966-67 Charlotte Perabo Monsanto Company
1967-68 Harriett Steuernagel Washington University, School of Dentistry
1968-69 Rosalind Dean* U.S. Corps of Engineers
1969-70 Charles Guenther Aeronautical Chart
1970-71 Helen Silverman St. Louis College of Pharmacy
1971-72 Helen Henderson U.S. Veterans Hospital
1972-73 Doris Marshall Ralston Purina Company
1973-74 Alma Richards Eden-Webster Libraries
1974-75 Harold Holland University of Missouri, Department of Library Science
1975-76 Virginia Raynes* McDonnell-Douglas Corporation
1976-77 Nancy Stoddard St. Louis Post-Dispatch
1977-78 Laurence R. Walton Pet, Inc.
1978-79 Betty Schramm St. Louis County Library
1979-80 Juanita McCarthy Mallinckrodt, Inc.
1980-81 Connie Wolf Missouri Institute of Psychiatry
1981-82 Mary Aversa Doane Agricultural Service
1982-83 Lori Calcaterra Washington University, Olin Library
1983-84 Mary Hebert Blue Cross Health Services, Inc.
1984-85 Stephanie Tolson McDonnell Douglas
1985-86 Cathi Alloway Harris-Stowe College
1986-87 Sally Beck Washington University, Olin Library
1987-88 Lynn Backes Monsanto Company
1988-89 Liz Landgraf Anheuser-Busch
1989-90 Jacquelin Page Kenrick Seminary
1990-91 Paul Anthony Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
1991-92 Daryl Youngman Washington University
1992-93 Mary Anne Walton Maritz, Inc.
1993-94 Howard Miller Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Missouri
1994-95 Art Taylor U.S. Corps of Engineers
1995-96 Barbara Rehkop St. Louis Public Library
1996-97 Carolyn O’Reilly Monsanto
1997-98 Carol Thaxton Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
1998-99 Jean Jochum Ameren UE
1999-2000 Stephanie Tolson St. Louis Community College
2000-01 Larry Walton Mallinckrodt
2001-02 Maribeth Slebodnik Mallinckrodt
2002-03 Bryan Young Monsanto
2003-04 Erin Lanham Solutia, Inc.
2004-05 Chris Tighe Library of the U.S. Courts
2005-06** Marianne Cavanaugh St. Louis Art Museum
2007 Rosie Weiss Monsanto
2008 Geri Heberlie Greensfelder, Hemker and Gale, P.C.
2009 Betsy Williams University of Missouri-St. Louis, Barnes Library
2010 Patrick Hendershot Covidien
2011 Renee Gorrell
2012 Christina Pryor St. Louis County Library
2013 Stephanie McReynolds Hickey College
2014 Susan Baerwald Baerwald Research
2015 Adrienne Brennecke Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
2016 Cori Dugas St. Louis University School of Law
2017 Deanne Fix Sandberg Phoenix
2018 Justin Smith Nestle Purina
2019 Donna Church Concordia Seminary
2020 Dennis Eliceiri Mallinckrodt
**Eighteen-month appointment to transition to new association calendar year.