Executive Board
Chair: Heather Kotula
Chair-Elect (2020): Amanda Bloom
Past-Chair: Edee Edwards
Secretary: Ann Swearingen
Treasurer: Janice Keeler

Committees and their Chairs (Advisory Board)
(Contact the division chair or the committee chair via Connect to join any committee.)
Archives: Open
Bulletin: Teresa MacGregor, Natalia Fitzgibbons, Co-Editors
Membership: Ta-Shire Tribbett
Mentoring: Open
Networking: Rory Dougan
Nominations: Edee Edwards
Professional Development: Paula McCoy (Ch air), Jaye Lapachet (Webinar Co-host)
Program 2019 Committee: Janice Keeler (Chair), 
Program 2020 Committee : Michele Lamorte and Benjamin Cooper
Public Relations: Open
Strategic Planning : Ahren Lehnert (Chair), Margie Hlava, Janice Keeler
Student Outreach: Open
Web and Connect Committee: Patricia M. D'Cruz (Chair and Web Master), Margaret Duggan, Michele Lamorte, Natalia Fitzgibbons, Tatjana Versaggi

Past Chairs
Margie Hlava (2009-2010)
Hannah Rubin (2011)
Barbara Holder (2012)
Janice Keeler (2013)
Kathleen McElhinney (2014)
Wendi Pohs (2015)
Paula McCoy (2016)
Ahren E. Lehnert (2017)
Edee Edwards (2018)