Volunteer Recognition 2013

A division cannot exist without the volunteers who provide its leadership and services.  It took a lot of people to provide the programs and services offered in 2013, so we recognize them and thank them.

All terms are calendar 2013 unless otherwise noted. Many of the committee chairs also served in 2012.


Executive Board


Janice Keeler


Kathleen McElhinney


Barbara Holder


Mindy Carner


Lydia Hellrich-Dawson

Advisory Board and Committees

All committee chairs are also members of the division Advisory Board.


Iris Finkel and Laura DeMuro (Co-Chairs)


Teresa MacGregor, Paula McCoy, and Diane Silver (Co-Editors/Co-Chairs).

Division Leadership
Margot Diltz (new member lists, profile)
Marti Heyman (committee updates)
Janice Keeler (letters from the chair, other Division updates, conference session reports)
George Peckham-Rooney (committee updates)
Stephen Powers (committee updates)

Stella Dextre Clarke (feature article)
Jerome Conrad (feature article)
Larry Lempert (feature article, conference session report)
James Morris (feature article)
Gabrielle Nicas (conference session report)

Jacob Ratliff
Bethany Sehon


Rebecca Kemp (Chair Jan. – Aug. 2013), Joy Rodriguez (Chair Aug. – Dec. 2013)


Margot Diltz (Chair), Darlene Davis, Margaret Hentz, Gabrielle Nicas


Marti Heyman (Chair), Heather Hedden, Wendi Pohs, Rebecca Condict, Margie Hlava


Ben Licciardi (Co-Chair); Stephen Powers (Co-Chair Jan.- July 2013),  Bethany H. Sehon (Co-Chair Aug. – Dec. 2013)


Barbara Holder (Chair), Connie Crosby, Karen Corday

Public Relations

George Peckham-Rooney (Chair), Gabrielle Nicas, D’Ann Hamilton

Professional Development

Wendi Pohs and Margie Hlava (Co-Chairs).

Webinar presenters:
Amy Sweigert, Heather Edwards, Ralph Tamlyn, Mindy Carner,  Dalia R. Levine, Marcie Zaharie, Sharon Garewal, Paula McCoy, Jonas Dupuich, Rachel Drysdale. For CE presenters, see conference volunteers list below.

Programs 2013

Cynthia Knowles and Gail Rayburn (Co-Chairs), Mingyu Chen

Programs 2014

Denise Bedford and Kathleen McElhinney (Co-Chairs), Jacob Ratliff, Anne Rogers

Strategic Planning

Kathleen McElhinney (Chair)

Student Outreach

Miraida Morales (Chair), Elizabeth Neligan, Marrette Pearsall, Emily Toder, Sheila Bergen, Rory Dougan

Partner Relations (Fundraising)

Alice Solyma and Beth Maser (Co-Chairs), Boris Musich


Heather Edwards (Chair); Mary Garcia

Special Projects/Task Forces

Wiki Restructuring Task Force

Larry Lempert (Chair), Sheila Bergen, Edee Edwards, Heather Edwards, Ben Keefe, Janice Keeler, Becky Milton


Bill Richardson


Taxonomy Division 2013 Annual Conference Volunteers

It took a lot of people to produce all our conference activities.  We thank all of the following people for their contributions before and during the 2013 SLA Annual Conference.

2013 Program Planners

Cynthia Knowles and  Gail Rayburn, planning, speaker contacts and evaluation forms
Mingyu Chen, online planner entries

CE Workshop Speakers

Marjorie Hlava, Jay Ven Eman

Program Speakers for Sessions Led by Taxonomy Division

Miraida Morales, Alice Redmond-Neal, Wendi Pohs (slides delivered by Janice Keeler), Ralph Tamlyn, Patrick Lambe, Marjorie Hlava, Paula McCoy

Program Speakers for Sessions Co-Sponsored by Taxonomy Division

Jeanne Caldwell, Rachel Lurie, Nedra Allmond, Megan Buttita, Mike Doane, Chris Givens, Karen McQuillen, Catherine Monte, Fred Wergeles

Program Moderators

Kathleen McElhinney,  Barbara Holder, Janice Keeler, Marjorie Hlava, Lydia Hellrich-Dawson

Program Monitors

Program monitors count attendance, help distribute evaluations, and provide other assistance if needed at individual program sessions.

Karen Corday,  Kathleen McElhinney, Rebecca Kemp

Program Evaluation Distribution (all sessions)

Barbara Holder

Networking Events

Stephen Powers, organized the open house food/beverage order

Ben Licciardi, organized and hosted the no-host dinner, and coordinated open house onsite activities and greeter schedule.

Open House Greeters

Ben Licciardi, Jacob Ratliff, Barbara Holder, Lydia Hellrich-Dawson, Evelyn W. Behar, Karen Paden, Kathleen McElhinney, Margot Diltz, Paula McCoy, Rebecca Kemp, Janice Keeler

Public Relations & Brochure

George Peckham-Rooney, D’Ann Hamilton

Partner Relations

Alice Solyma,  Beth Maser, Boris Musich – 2013 fundraising.

Alice Solyma, Ben Licciardi, Gabrielle Nicas gave personal thanks to sponsors and got photos of sponsor certificate presentations.

Alice distributed informational packets in the exhibit hall for next year’s fundraising.

Beth Maser and Ben Licciardi produced sponsor certificates

Web/Wiki Brainstorming and Card Sorting, June 2013 at Conference

Larry Lempert, facilitator.  Participants: Julia Beall, Lydia Hellrich-Dawson, Margot Diltz, Barbara Holder, Janice Keeler, Rebecca Kemp, Ben Licciardi, Kathleen McElhinney, Patricia Parsons, Jacob Ratliff

Presentation at SLA Leadership Training Speed Dating Session on Membership Recruitment and Retention

Margot Diltz, Membership Chair and Janice Keeler, Division Chair