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Call for Conference Session Presenters!

  • 1.  Call for Conference Session Presenters!

    Posted 04-28-2022 08:20

    The Engineering Community is excited to bring a number of events to the SLA 2022 Source Forward conference! You'll see familiar offerings like the Standards Update and  community events, but we have some new topics lined up for discussion that we need you to help bring to life!

    We are looking for panel members for the following two, 60 minute sessions. We are looking for 3 people for each session, live and virtual attendees are both welcome as presenters.

    So you want to be a STEM librarian without a STEM background?
    • Session Description: Starting out in STEM as an information professional can be daunting, especially if you don't have a background in STEM. How do you answer a question from an engineer when you don't even understand the question itself? How do you become a trusted resource to STEM professionals? Come learn tips and tricks on tackling a new subject area, delivering quality information and value, and battling imposter syndrome from a group of panelists across STEM disciplines who navigate STEM librarianship with their info pro skills for institutional success.
    • Call for Presenters: If you started in STEM librarianship without a STEM background, share how you started out, how you tackled any imposter syndrome you may have experienced, and how others should approach starting in STEM to be successful. 

    Marketing Success Stories
    • Session Description: In a virtual world, how are we connecting our users to library and information center resources? Inboxes are full, chat streams are cluttered - how are you getting your message out there? Hear marketing success stories in this panel featuring speakers across industries detailing their methods for communication and marketing success that lead to higher engagement and reach with their library patrons and users. Walk away with new ideas and insights for reaching your audience and make the most impact.
    • Call for Presenters: Have you had success marketing your services in the last two virtual years? Whether it's tailored communications to target users, broadcast emails, infographics, of word of mouth, share your marketing strategies for success. 

    If you have any questions or would like to be a part of one of these panels, please contact and specify which panel along with how you will be attending conference.

    Look forward to connecting with you all at conference!


    Kelly Bunting
    Content Management & Research Librarian
    Analog Devices, Inc.