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Wanted: Chief Bulletin Editor for Taxonomy Times

  • 1.  Wanted: Chief Bulletin Editor for Taxonomy Times

    Posted 07-28-2021 08:01
    Taxonomy Community Colleagues:
    After many years of curating and producing Taxonomy Times, Teresa MacGregor is retiring from the Bulletin Committee. We are in need of a replacement editor who will continue the bulletin into 2022 and beyond.  We need your skills, your ideas, and your input to not only maintain this critical communication digest, but also to offer new methods and modes of publication that will help us expand our reach and help our members stay apprised of the latest news in the realm of taxonomy.

    Please find below a description of the publication and the editorial responsibilities of the position.  For more information, contact Paula McCoy (,  Natalia Fitzgibbons (, or Erin Fleak (

    Chief Bulletin Editor: Job Description

    The Bulletin Committee of SLA's Taxonomy Community publishes the Taxonomy Times every quarter (January, April, July, and October). Taxonomy Times includes Community news and original content that informs, engages, and inspires members of the Community. The bulletin is a members-only benefit offered by the Community since its inception in 2010. To date, the Community has published 47 issues of Taxonomy Times!


    There is no set duration of service, but the Chief Editor is asked to commit for a minimum of one year. The Bulletin Committee should also have at least one co-editor to manage publication of the bulletin. The Chief Editor is responsible for recruiting co-editors.


    Lifecycle of a Taxonomy Times Issue

    1. Chief Editor drafts and shares tentative table of contents with the editorial team and divides work among co-editors
    2. Chief Editor and co-editors contact individuals to solicit content, including:
    3. Authors for original content (e.g. feature-length articles); usually Community members, but could be from outside the Community or even outside SLA
    4. Community President for letter and other news (e.g. announcements, reminders)
    5. Committee Chairs for updates (per posted schedule)
    6. Individual Community members for profiling
    7. Full Community membership for annual conference reports and other content (e.g. book reviews, software/tool reviews, images)
    8. Chief Editor assembles and formats content
    9. Chief Editor may write original content (e.g. for the "Something Interesting" section)
    10. Chief Editor and co-editors proofread content
    11. Chief Editor uploads final PDF version of issue to Connect and sends a publication announcement to the Community


    The Chief Editor, in collaboration with co-editors and the Taxonomy Community Board, may revise the existing content and format of the bulletin in order to better meet the current and ever-changing needs of the Community.

    Paula McCoy
    Chair, Professional Development Committee, Taxonomy Community of SLA
    Sr Manager Louisville
    Louisville, KY