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  • 1.  Life Sciences / Medical-Related Thesauri or Controlled Vocabularies

    Posted 05-09-2023 06:46

    I've already posted this to SLA's Pharm and Biomedical Communities, however thought it beneficial to post it here as well.

    We're currently working on building out a taxonomy and standardized metadata schema. 

    Our goal is to start simple and small, but with the intention of maturing Sage's taxonomy and metadata standards over time.  

    We're very interested in using any established life sciences or medical-related thesauri or controlled vocabularies to keep up with industry standards.

    What else is out there in addition to MeSH?  Other thesauri we should look into?  

    Thank you for your suggestions!


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  • 2.  RE: Life Sciences / Medical-Related Thesauri or Controlled Vocabularies

    Posted 05-10-2023 14:35
    Hi Betty,

    Marisa Hughes and I have recorded an on demand session for the Upcoming joint meeting on exactly this topic.  It is already on the meeting site.  

    : Panel Discussion: Advanced taxonomy issues: the response of controlled vocabularies to the evolving domains of health and healthcare.  We produced a full powerpoint listing many Health care vocabularies and then discussed them and the impacts in todays world as a panel.  I hope you enjoy it.  

    I also recorded a presentation on  Auto tagging documents using the ICS-10, CPT and HCPCS code sets in all document types  which covers both e nature of those vocabularies as well as the options for automatically coding Electronic Health Care records for accuracy and eventual claims reimbursement.  

    Both of these should prove usual in your search.


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