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Save the Date - CE Workshop "From Taxonomy to Ontology"

  • 1.  Save the Date - CE Workshop "From Taxonomy to Ontology"

    Posted 06-13-2022 12:22

    CE Course: From Taxonomy to Ontology

    While taxonomies support findability and information retrieval, ontologies support additional information retrieval methods, such as enabling complex queries, the exploration of different relationships, and quick access to associated data, and not just content. The Semantic Web standards, upon which modern information ontologies are built, have brought ontologies more closely aligned to taxonomies and other knowledge organization systems, than the merely computer science use of ontologies of the past. Integrating ontologies with taxonomies has many practical applications, which increasingly more companies and organizations are implementing. 

    Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of:

    • the fundamental principles of ontologies for information science, including their definitions, types, standards, benefits, and uses;
    •  how to extend a taxonomy to become an ontology;
    •  and much more!

    About the Presenter:

    Heather Hedden has been a practicing taxonomist for 25 years in various organizations and as an independent consultant with Hedden Information Management. She has designed and developed diverse taxonomies for websites, intranets, and content management systems. After starting her career as an indexer/abstractor, Heather has worked as a taxonomist in a library database publisher (Gale), a search software company, a wind energy company, a knowledge management consultancy, and an educational publisher. In addition to consulting, she provides online workshops on how to design and build taxonomies. Heather is the author of the book, The Accidental Taxonomist.

    Register here:

    Jordan Burghardt
    Director of Engagement
    Special Libraries Association
    (312) 265-2909