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Seeking Speakers for Conference!

  • 1.  Seeking Speakers for Conference!

    Posted 05-02-2022 21:31

    Hello everyone! My name is Jamie Luedtke and I am reaching out as the conference planner of the Transportation and Knowledge Management communities. I am urgently looking for a few more speakers for the sessions below. If you have (or know someone who has) experience and expertise in managing disruption, communities of practice, ROI, or knowledge management failures, please check out the sessions below! The information and experience you share can be invaluable to your colleagues. Reach out to me here or at today! Presenters can register for the conference at the reduced rate of $400 for in-person and $180 for virtual only. Speakers must be confirmed by Tuesday, May 10, so I would like to know of your interest by Monday, May 9. 

    The Great Disruption and the New Normal in Information Services (
    In-person Presentation (Live and Pre-Recorded Presentation))--2-3 more speakers needed

    Disruption and uncertainty are the "new normal" in industries like transportation, manufacturing, supply chains, and logistics. It can come in the form of new technologies or services that can disrupt entire industries. Disruption can also pave the way to innovation. Library and information professionals increasingly need to be prepared to handle and pivot in the face of disruptions. Join this session for a lively discussion about disruptors in information settings and strategies for becoming a more resilient professional and /or organization in this increasingly uncertain world.

    Communities of Practice: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (In-Person Interactive Session, Live Presentation Only)--1-2 more speakers needed.

    Communities of Practice (CoPs) can be invaluable for connecting people with common goals and interests and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, resources, and more. Sharing best practices and knowledge can result in better ideas, innovation, and improved culture. Join this session to learn more about what a community of practice is, considerations for designing and growing your CoP, and strategies for success in maintaining a CoP.

    When Knowledge Management Fails, and What to Do About It (On-Demand, Virtual Presentation Only) -- 1-2 more speakers needed.

    When implementing a knowledge management strategy initiative, we hope everything will go off without a hitch. Inevitably, things may not go as planned and efforts can fail. Whether it's a lack of executive buy-in, lack of cultural buy-in, poor planning around the people and processes, or other reasons, there are lessons to be learned. Join this session to hear about where KM efforts have failed, how the organization pivoted, what lessons were learned, and how you can help failed projects recover.


    Change Management for Info Pros (In-person Presentation Live and Pre-Recorded Presentation) -- One more speaker needed.

    Change is a fundamental condition of our lives and the last few years have ushered in unprecedented changes at warp speed. While change can be overwhelming, change management concepts and processes can help people identify, communicate, prepare, and implement changes in our organizations and personal lives. What are some ways organizations/individuals have successfully implemented change? What needs to be considered when making changes? How do you get buy-in about change management? Join us in this session to learn more about the nuts and bolts of change management, what some considerations are for change management, how to go about applying change management to your workplace and careers, and evaluating the outcomes of change management.

    Don't Be ROI Shy! (Live and Pre-Recorded Presentation) -- 2 speakers needed

    Are you worried about the viability of your library? Does calculating your library's return-on-investment keep you up at night? Let us help you! This panel will dive into the tips and tricks for delivering the hard numbers that prove the value of our services. Learn from real-life examples of how specialized librarians utilize ROI in their work.    

    Jamie Luedtke
    Senior Manager, Learning Delivery Systems
    Association for Supply Chain Management