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  • 1.  SJSU SLA Student Chapter Blogs

    Posted 03-24-2022 14:35
    Hello SLA community!

    You may have seen me mentioned as a blog contributor for Taxonomy Times, but I am also the blog director for the SLA Student Chapter of San Jose State University (SJSU). This month, we have published many new blogs that we are eager to share with SLA. If anyone would like to add input or share ideas for future blogs, please reach out to me at any time. Happy reading!

    Titles of 2022 Blogs Published:

    - "Star Party" by Max Gonzalez Burdick
    - "Library Safari: A Tour of Zoo Libraries" by Sereen Suleiman
    - "The California Room" by Gabrielle S. Bates
    - "The Design Library" by Lauren Kime
    - "The Art of Burlesque" by Gabrielle S. Bates
    - "Lights, Camera, Action!: Libraries Preserving Hollywood History" by Lauren Kime



    Sereen Suleiman
    Masters in Library and Information Science Student
    San Jose State University

  • 2.  RE: SJSU SLA Student Chapter Blogs

    Posted 03-24-2022 14:56

    Very nice, Sereen. Interesting topics and the layout is quite nice! Great pictures, too.


    Thanks for sharing!


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  • 3.  RE: SJSU SLA Student Chapter Blogs

    Posted 03-24-2022 15:26
    Thanks very much, Sereen! Very interesting topics and I'm looking forward to checking them out!




    Marisa R. Hughes| Taxonomist

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    American Psychological Association

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  • 4.  RE: SJSU SLA Student Chapter Blogs

    Posted 03-24-2022 16:35



    This is a fantastic website! I signed up for the newsletter and I look forward to seeing you all in action!



    Heather Kotula

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  • 5.  RE: SJSU SLA Student Chapter Blogs

    Posted 03-24-2022 20:57
    Hello everyone!

    Thank you so much for your comments and input. I'm glad you enjoy our content, and I cannot wait to share more!



    Sereen Suleiman
    MLIS Candidate 
    SJSU SAASC Blog Editor
    SJSU SLASC Blog Editor

    San Jose State University