Taxonomy Programs at SLA Annual Conference 2019

Starts:  Jun 16, 2019 8:00 AM (ET)
Ends:  Jun 18, 2019 5:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Taxonomy - Open Community

Big Data and Controlled Vocabularies

Big data needs controlled vocabularies to improve search, enable personalization and reporting, and more.  Get a quick overview of why and how people are using taxonomies or ontologies and linked data to manage and retrieve data.

Level:    Fundamental

Length: 20 minutes

Speaker: Camille Mathieu, NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Ensuring Semantic Interoperability and Creating Interoperable Taxonomies

Within their enterprises, information professionals are often aware of the need for interoperability, whether they are simply starting a new pick list in SharePoint, or establishing a robust structure for cross-database and cross-lingual indexing and searching.  Understand the theory, and dive deeply into the concepts of microthesauri, open umbrella structures, metathesauri, and bridge schemes in this Master Class.

Level:    Advanced / Master Class

Length:  90 minutes

Speakers: Marcia Zeng, Kent State University School of Information; Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc.


Keeping Your Taxonomy Fresh and Relevant

You've built a beautiful taxonomy - now what? This session addresses skills which enable controlled vocabularies to evolve with your users' needs.  Topics include: identifying and engaging stakeholders, establishing service level agreements, choosing task management tools, gathering metrics, and making a data-driven case for taxonomy management.

Level:    Intermediate

Length:   60 minutes

Speaker: Matt Johnson, That Matt Johnson Consulting


Taxonomy Basics

If you need a detailed introduction to taxonomy concepts, we hope you'll take the full day CE course offered at SLA 2019.  However, if you can't, and you want to understand the differences between a taxonomy, a thesaurus, and an ontology, come to this session to learn some of the basics of information organization structures, rules and standards.

Level:    Fundamental

Length: 20 minutes

Speaker: Heather Kotula, Access Innovations, Inc.


Taxonomy Governance IRL

Your taxonomy needs structure and control and yet also needs to be flexible and adaptable. How do you find a balance? How does everybody else do it? Listen to a panel of taxonomists discussing the governance challenges they've addressed and best practices they've adopted, followed by the opportunity for interactive discussion and questions.

Level:    Intermediate

Length:    60 minutes

Speakers:  Susannah Woodbury, Overstock; Paula McCoy, Proquest


Taxonomy Roundtable

Join fellow taxonomists and ontologists to discuss hot topics, areas of concern, and share success stories.  Tables will be loosely grouped by industry to facilitate networking as well as learning.  Discussion time will be followed by summary reports from each table about the issues and solutions discussed.

Level:    Intermediate

Length:  90

Speakers: discussion only / Moderator: Margie Hlava, Access Innovations, Inc.


Taxonomy Tools and Tool Evaluation

Excel remains the incubator for many taxonomies, and some content management systems have basic taxonomy features. However, if you need additional functionality like customized relationships, auto-categorization and taxonomy use in multiple applications, there are a surprising array of tools, modules, features and functionalities to consider. How do you know what you need? How do you avoid buying too much, or too little, functionality? Join us for a roundup of the state of the technology related to controlled vocabularies and how to evaluate tools based on your requirements and constraints (including technology, time, resources and money).

Level:    Intermediate

Length:  60 minutes

Speaker: Marti Heyman, OCLC


Taxonomy-Ontology Conversions: Case Studies

Want to use Linked Data, ensure interoperability, and/or support search and discovery with the capabilities of an ontology?  Find out more about ontologies and learn from practitioners who have done taxonomy-ontology conversions.

Level:    Intermediate

Length:   75 minutes

Speakers:  Edee Edwards, National Fire Protection Association; David Bender, Radiological Society of North America; Mary Chitty, Cambridge Healthtech Institute


SLA Annual Conference 2019
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