Mentors and Protégés

Taxonomy Community is looking for a Mentoring Committee Chair to manage this program

If you are interested and able to offer a mentoring arrangement for a relatively new taxonomist (Protégé), please contact the Mentoring Chair and a Protégé from list to be available in our Connect library.

If you are both a new taxonomist and a member of the Taxonomy Community and would like to add your name to the list, please contact the chair of the Mentoring Committee,(we are looking for a Mentoring Chair), via Connect. We will  make available an option to add your name to the members-only Protégé Directory of the Taxonomy Community Connect Library when we have a chair to run this program.

About Mentorships

In general, Protégés are looking for limited term, internship-like arrangements of working pro bono or at below-market subcontractor rates in exchange for constructive educational feedback from a mentor who also agrees to serve as a reference for future work. Due to the limited number of suitable projects, location should not be a limitation, so the work should be able to be done remotely in many cases. It is anticipated that most mentorship arrangements will be part-time, temporary work, similar to freelance assignments.

Protégé Eligibility

SLA Taxonomy Community members with at least some training or experience in taxonomies (MLIS/LIS course, continuing education workshop, full-day workshop, prior project experience or internship). Protégés should not be complete beginners. Interested Protégés should provide their information on the Taxonomy Community members-only Connect Community for re-posting here.