The Taxonomy Division is always in need of volunteers, either for specific one-time tasks or for ongoing committee roles.
Interested in volunteering? Contact the Division Board or Committee members via Connect to discuss current opportunities and express interest.

  1. Find the names of a Board member or Committee chair on our Leadership page.
  2. In Connect, click on the Members tab and search.
  3. You will be presented the option to send them an email through Connect.

As key Division players – committee chairs and committee members make a significant contribution to the health and activities of the Division. Committee terms are usually one year with possibility of renewal. Short term special tasks are also available. A description of each committee and its activities is available on the Committees page.

Each position will give an opportunity to:

  • Build planning and leadership skills
  • Make a contribution to the profession (paying back)
  • Gain management experience in Division activities
  • Acquire new ‘technical’ skills/tools
  • Raise your personal profile within SLA and the profession
  • Help shape the direction/vision of the Division
  • Interact with a group of dynamic committed taxonomy professionals
  • Provide a route to Division executive board membership

For more details about specific opportunities at any given time, look for Open positions on our Leadership page. You may also volunteer to assist a Committee Chair. Contact them directly through Connect.