Innovation Award

​SLA Transportation Community Innovation Award

The Innovation Award will recognize a project, technique, tool, or practical solution that has improved or has the potential to improve access, dissemination, or retrieval of transportation information. The project, technique, tool, or practical solution will have been developed and implemented during the previous two years. Particular consideration will be given to those that have broad applicability, where results are likely to be replicable in other settings

Innovation can be the act of introducing something new or developing a solutions to an existing problem or situation. It can be a new concept for our community or adopted from another area.

Application Process
Please submit a short description (up to 500 words) of the project, tool, technique, or practical solution. Links to websites may be included, and supporting material may be attached. The Awards Committee may request additional information. 


  • Award winner will be recognized at the community's annual business meeting with the presentation of a certificate.
  • A slot on the meeting agenda will be provided for the winner to present the project, technique, tool, or practical solution, if the recipient is in attendance.
  • The award will be announced on the Transportation Community's website.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The committee will verify that all applicants are Community members in good standing before evaluating the submissions.
  • All submissions will be judged against each other, based on the following desired qualities presented in the paper:
    • Innovation value
    • Benefits to the community
    • Practicality
  • Non-winning project(s) may be resubmitted in following year(s).
  • Previous winners are eligible to resubmit new projects.

    Past Award Winners

    2023, Rosalyn Alleman, NTKN Mentoring Program
    2015, Kenn Bicknell, Interactive Timelines to Support Transportation Information & Education
    2014, Sheila Hatchell, MnDOT Library Valuation/Return on Investment (ROI) Study Findings Paper
    2013, Kenn Bicknell & Matt Barrett, Los Angeles Transportation Headlines Project
    2011, Roberto Sarmiento & Jennifer Boteler, Transportation Libraries Collection Development Policy Template
    2010, Roberto Sarmiento, Gifts Management for Transportation Libraries: Observations and Recommendations