Professional Achievement Award

​Since 1982, the Transportation Division of the Special Libraries Association has been awarding the Professional Achievement Award to a past or present member of the Division on the basis of outstanding contributions or service to the Transportation Division. The purpose of the Award is to honor those who have rendered distinguished service or have made a significant contribution to transportation libraries and librarianship. This contribution or service may take the form of contributions to library and transportation literature or bibliography, to the work and effectiveness of the Special Libraries Association and the Transportation Division, or to the transportation field through organizational work or publications. The Award is not made posthumously, and to ensure its stature there is no requirement that it be presented every year.  

The Award has traditionally been presented at the annual business meeting of the Transportation Division; it may be given at another time or place deemed appropriate by the Executive Board of the Division. The Executive Board is the judging committee for this Award.

Past Award Winners

2023, Laura Wilt, Oregon Department of Transportation
2022, Bob Cullen, AASHTO
2014, Matt Barrett, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
2013, Ken Winter, Virginia Department of Transportation
2012, Rita Evans, University of California, Berkeley
2009, Roberto Sarmiento, Northwestern University
2008, Bonnie Osif, Pennsylvania State University
2007, Barbara Post, Transportation Research Board
2006, Sandra Tucker, Texas A&M University
2005, Jerry Baldwin, Minnesota Department of Transportation
2002, Jeanne Thomas, Michigan Department of Transportation
2001, Judy Gutshall, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
1993, Barbara Russo
1987, Michael Kleiber, University of California, Berkeley
1985, Mary Roy, Northwestern University
1983, Helene Dechief, Canadian National Railways
1982, Beverly Hikock, University of California, Berkeley
1988, Michael Kleiber, University of California, Berkeley
1986, Mary Roy, Northwestern University, Chicago
1983 Helen Dechief, Canadian National
1982, Beverly Hickok, University of California, Berkeley