Call for Presenters - SLA Annual Conference

We are looking for speakers for in-person and virtual sessions that have been accepted for the SLA Annual Conference. If you are interested in presenting for one of these sessions, please reach out to President-Elect and Conference Chair Jamie Luedtke at, via Connect, or 630.853.4590. Presenters can register for the conference at the reduced rate of $400 for in-person and $180 for virtual only.

If you won't be attending conference but have a suggestion for a speaker, please let Jamie know! We hope to have names locked in within the next couple of weeks. Thank you in advance!

Trucking Through: How Transportation Libraries Shifted to Digital During the Pandemic Years (On-Demand, Virtual Presentation Only)

The events of the past two years accelerated the shift to digital across all industries by several years, and transportation libraries and information settings are no exception. Many had to grapple with how to serve their patrons' information needs in increasingly online and distributed spaces while also dealing with the constant Covid-19 related challenges in the workspace. Join this session to learn how transportation library and information professionals have digitized materials, processes, and services to better meet the needs of their patrons and staff in distributed spaces over the past two years, along with lessons learned that could be implemented in other organizations.


The Great Disruption and the New Normal in Information Services (In-person Presentation, Live and Pre-Recorded Presentation)

Disruption and uncertainty are the "new normal" in industries like transportation, manufacturing, supply chains, and logistics. It can come in the form of new technologies or services that can disrupt entire industries. Disruption can also pave the way to innovation. Library and information professionals increasingly need to be prepared to handle and pivot in the face of disruptions. Join this session for a lively discussion about disruptors in information settings and strategies for becoming a more resilient professional and /or organization in this increasingly uncertain world.


Past Conference Sessions

Raise Your Standards! The 2021 Annual Standards Update
Warren Adams, Andrew Bank, Alice Desrocher, Beth Ellen Dibeler, Deborah Kim, Eileen McCue, William Nara, Michael Spada, Brandon White
Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Get up-to-date information on new standards and specifications as well as platform enhancements from key publishers and aggregators. Specs and standards are critical resources for design and compliance, yet costs and licensing may present challenges to libraries and information centers. Attend this long-standing, annual session to optimize your knowledge about these core materials in the engineering, transportation and science disciplines.

Diversify Your Syllabus: A Case Study in Transportation and Racial Justice
Kendra Levine, University of California at Berkeley
Thursday, August 12, 2021 

The Info Pro's Role in Promoting Women in Engineering and STEM
Kimberly Beets, Elisa Borowski, Kelly Bunting, Daureen Nesdill, Stephanie Sheldon
Thursday, August 21, 2021

The Engineering and STEM fields offer many career opportunities but face challenges in attracting and maintaining women in these professions. Learn about a variety of initiatives by information professionals in promoting Engineering and STEM in both the academic and corporate setting. Some aim to foster interest in science among young girls, others to make the work climate more friendly to women, and still others to build strong networks on which women can rely. How do you fit into the equation and what efforts can you make to advance female employees and students in your organization?

​GTRIC Annual Meeting

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Standards Update

Warren Adams, Kim Beets, Erdem Dedebas, Patti Ensor, Todd Fegan, George Gulla, William Nara, John Pace, Sameh Shalaby, Michael Spada, John Tintinalli

Standards are the backbone of engineering and providing access to them is a core function of information professionals. This session is your opportunity to learn what is new in standards, straight from the source. Ask questions and provide feedback while standards development organizations (SDOs) are all in the same room! In this series of short talks, you will learn about the latest innovations from representatives of many SDOs and content providers.


From Streetcars to Bike Lanes to Autonomous Vehicles: the Past, Present, and Future of Transportation Equity (Request off-site location)

Rachel Cole, Sheryl Gross- Glaser, Chris Stocking

New technologies in transportation have the capacity to transform the shape of our cities and make them not only more accessible but also more equitable. What impacts have past and present policies and infrastructure technologies had on the inclusion of all communities? A panel discussion will examine these questions and discuss transportation and equity in the Cleveland area and more broadly.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Concurrent Sessions #4

Monday, June 17, 2019, 9:00am – 10:30am

Government Transportation Research Information Committee_Educational Session Meeting (request session before Transportation division no-host dinner)

David Martin, Mary Moulton, Samantha Strain, Wei Zakharov 

Join the Transportation Division attendees engage in a roundtable discussion on best practices, use of technology, and general information exchange regarding the unique challenges of transportation librarianship. Instructional presentations combined with audience participation and open floor conversations. This event is open to all information professionals including government, corporate and educational transportation libraries and resource centers, as well as students and librarians with an interest in transportation-related information.

Field Trip

Monday, June 17

11:00am – 12:30pm

Celebrate Women in Aerospace and Transportation at the Women's Air & Space Museum

Happy 60th Birthday Aerospace Section! Join us for a short field trip to nearby International Women’s Air and Space Museum at the Cleveland Airport. Sponsored by the Aerospace Section. Cosponsored by the Transportation Division.

Sponsored by Aerospace Section and Transportation and Engineering Divisions.