UNYSLA Mentoring Program

The goal of the mentoring program is to support the professional development of the members of the Upstate New York Chapter of the Special Libraries Association and to guide them in achieving their career goals.

Mentoring Procedure

A mentee will be paired-up with a mentor for a period of one year. Pairings will be based upon the skills of the mentor and the needs and expectations of a particular mentee.

Mentors will meet with a mentee either in person or online and create a plan for building the desired skills and achieving the desired career goals.

The mentor will offer guidance and support to assist the mentee in developing those specified skills and either help them achieve the desired career goals or at least set them on the path to achieve those goals in the future.

At the end of the one year term, the mentor and mentee will meet in person or online to discuss what they learned from the mentor/mentee relationship and offer feedback to each other.


There will be an evaluation of the mentor/mentee relationship for each paring after the first six months and again at the end of the year. This short survey will be completed by both the mentor and mentee and will help measure the success of the program and assist in program improvement. If you are interested in UNYSLA’s mentorship program, please send the following information to the UNYSLA Webmaster, Laura Benjamin at

First Name: 

Last Name:


What types of librarianship are you interested in developing your career in? Please explain:

Are you located in or in the surrounding areas of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or Albany?

Would you like your mentor to be in your geographical area? 

Do you have any preferences for choosing a mentor? (Type of librarianship, gender, etc).

List what skills you would like the program to assist you in developing: 

List three career goals you would like to try and achieve through your involvement with the program: