The Virginia Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (VASLA) was founded on April 23, 1966 as the 35 th chapter of the Special Libraries Association. Bylaws of the Virginia Chapter were written and adopted by the membership on Sept. 24, 1966. The first Executive Board meeting was held at the Miller & Rhoads Tea Room, Richmond, Va. on Feb 26, 1966 to begin an organizational period of establishing bylaws, writing a chapter manual of procedures and officer responsibilities, and to begin the process of meeting SLA requirements for a new chapter. Ms. Ruth Eggleston served as the temporary chairman of the committee.

The meeting for installing the Virginia Chapter was held at Dobbs House Restaurant, Richmond, Va. on April 23, 1966. After a social hour and luncheon, the Virginia Chapter and its first officers were installed as the 35th Chapter. Ruth Eggleston served as the first President. Other officers and chairmen were 1st Vice President and President-Elect, Bess A. Whitworth; Treasurer, Frank B. Hoffer; Secretary, Jo E. Jordan; Bulletin Editor, Richard A. Miller; Consultation Officer, Mildred I. Mason; Employment Committee, Frank C. Shirk; Membership Committee, Lucy R. Greene; Public Relations Committee, John D. Sharp; Recruitment Committee, Frances C. Hummel; and Archivist, Clara M. Ray.

Full details of this meeting are available in the first Meeting Minutes of the Chapter. In addition, the first Annual Report of the Chapter may be of interest. Finally, a list of historical firsts for the Chapter is posted HERE.