SLA WCC Awards Committee - Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference, April 2007 (rev. 2008)

The Awards Committee is a standing committee chaired by the Past President and made up of three rotating members: a regional representative, a long-term member of the WCC, and a past recipient of an award. Members are appointed annually by the Chair of the Committee.

The Awards Committee makes recommendations on all SLA WCC awards. It also manages the awards process for the SLA WCC Achievement Award, and the SLA WCC Conference Travel Grant, and will:

  • solicit nominations and applications, and coordinate the selection processes;
  • advise the Board of award winners, or that no awards will be granted should there be no qualified candidates;
  • coordinate presentations of awards at the Annual General Meeting;
  • prepare a statement on award recipients for publication in Wired West;
  • maintain a list of award winners on the SLA WCC website.


SLA WCC Awards:

SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award

The SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award recognizes and honours a member of the WCC who has made a significant contribution to the profession. This award is open to nominations from Chapter members, giving the Chapter the opportunity to recognize significant contributions to the profession in any area, whether mentoring new professionals, bringing recognition to an issue within the library community, or any other contributions considered worthy of acknowledgment. The award may be offered annually to a member in good standing. The recipient receives a $500 cash award, as well as an engraved memento. The award is presented at the Annual General Meeting.

SLA WCC Conference Travel Grant

The SLA WCC Conference Travel Grant recognizes and encourages new members of the profession. The award is offered to a member in good standing who:

  • is a new professional (first five years after graduation from a library or information program);
  • is a first time attendee at an SLA Annual Conference;
  • will submit an article to Wired West on the conference experience.

The awards consists of $1500 cash, to be used towards registration and attendance at the SLA Annual Conference. The grant is awarded annually, provided funding is available, and is presented at the Annual General Meeting.