SLA WCC Conflict of Interest Policy

SLA WCC supports the SLA Conflict of Interest Policy and the Board appends the following:

  • The Chapter supports extending the spirit of section 4 to ALL members of the association.”All Leaders of the Association shall refrain from accepting, during their term of office, any form of compensation from SLA or one of its units (Chapters, Divisions, Committees, Caucuses, etc.) for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to fees for course instruction; grants for research; fees for consulting; salaries for work-for-hire; scholarships; and monetary or other awards (except in the case of awards specifically intended for active Leaders).”
  • In the event of a perceived conflict we refer to section 5.”In the event any Director or Officer of SLA may stand to derive a personal gain or benefit from a transaction with SLA, or shall have any direct or indirect interest in or relationship with any individual or organization (i) which proposes to enter into any transaction with SLA for the sale, purchase, lease or rental of property; or (ii) which proposes to render or employ services, personal or otherwise, to SLA; or (iii) which may be seen as competing with the interests or concerns of SLA, such Director or Officer shall forthwith give the board of Directors of the Special Libraries Association notice of such interest or relationship and shall, therefore, refrain from voting or otherwise attempting to affect any decision for SLA to participate or not to participate in such transaction and the manner of terms of such participation. Minutes of appropriate meetings should reflect that such disclosure was made, and that such Director or Office abstained from voting and absented him or her self from the final review and vote on the matter.”