Contract Authorization

Contracts are agreements which bind the Chapter. Usually the Chapter agrees to trade a deliverable(s) for money. For example, a vendor may pay the Chapter for the privilege of advertising on our web site. The Chapter also contracts for goods or services for which it pays. Each contract is expended when each party meets the terms of the agreement applying to it.

Any member of the Chapter, acting on the Chapter’s behalf, may arrange the terms of a contract. Yet no contract is valid unless and until it has the explicit authorization of the President of the Chapter. E-mail authorization is quite permissible. Members should seek the guidance of the Secretary when considering or drafting contracts.


Because contracts are legally binding, the chief executive officer of the Chapter Board, the President, is required to authorize them. The President will seek the advice of the Secretary before authorizing contracts. The President reports to the board on her/his new or anticipated commitments at each board meeting. In case the President is not available, the President-Elect may authorize contracts.


The Secretary tracks the status of all current contracts for the Chapter and reports to the Board on their disposition at each general meeting. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that no contract creates a conflict of interest and that those doing business with the Chapter are treated fairly and consistently.


If the contract requires the expenditure of Chapter money, the Treasurer must confirm that the dollars are available before the President authorizes the contract. The President and the Treasurer co-sign for any expenditures.