Chapter Practices for Advisory Board/Council and Chapter Committees

The Chapter Advisory Board consists of all appointed Chapter leaders and Committee Chairs and has the following duties:

  • Reviews and recommends to the Executive Board approval of the Chapter budget prepared by President, President-Elect and Treasurer.
  • Reviews and recommends to the Executive Board approval of preliminary program plans and special projects and the authorization of funds to implement them.
  • Hears reports of appointed positions and committee chairs and takes appropriate action on recommendations.
  • Prepares report of activities for each Board meeting held.

The Chapter President-Elect appoints chairs of Chapter committees. The Chapter President may appoint Chapter members to additional positions. The committee chair may appoint committee members and advises the Chapter President of the names. The Chapter Governing Document prohibits any member from serving on a committee for more than six consecutive years.

The Advisory Board assists the Executive Board in directing the activities of the Chapter, and members are expected to attend all Board meetings. The Western Canada Chapter seeks a consensus from the Advisory Board in all matters. If consensus is not achieved, the Advisory Board should make opinions known to the Executive Board who will then vote.

General duties

The following applies to all committee chair positions:

  • Copies of all correspondence that binds, or may bind, SLA or the Chapter must be immediately sent to the Secretary.
  • Submit activity reports to all members of the Chapter Board prior to Board meetings
  • Present an annual report summarizing activities to Chapter Board and President prior to Chapter Annual Business Meeting
  • Attend all Board meetings in person or by teleconference


  • Submit to the Treasurer requests for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenditures with receipts and brief statements concerning the nature of the expenditures.