Skills and Checklist for Board and Committee Members

Skills you may acquire through Board activities

  • Management and/or leadership experience
  • Public speaking experience
  • Experience recruiting volunteers
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knows and is respected by many Chapter members and able to tap volunteers
  • Good coaching/mentoring skills to help bring the next generation of leaders along
  • Varied background & can generate program ideas of interest to the membership
  • Able to attend all Chapter and Board meetings

Skills important for President-Elect & President positions

  • Has been a member of the Chapter for at least three years
  • Served on the Chapter Board in another capacity for at least one year
  • Has support of employer to make phone calls during the workday
  • Able to attend Annual Conference and Winter Meeting
  • Can sustain level of commitment over an extended period
  • Able to ‘hit the ground running’ after the Annual Conference, to meet necessary timelines

Last updated March 21, 2011
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