All Awards and Grants

SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award

Your SLA Western Canada Chapter friends and colleagues can be recognized through the SLA WCC Outstanding Information Professional Award, offered in alternating years with the Alice Solyma Professional Development Bursary. The award will recognize and honour a member of the WCC who has made a significant contribution to the profession. Any member who has made a contribution worthy of acknowledgment can be nominated for the award.

SLA WCC Alice Solyma Professional Development Bursary

SLA WCC offers the Alice Solyma Professional Development Bursary in alternating years with the Outstanding Information Professional Award. Valued at $500 CAD, the bursary will be awarded every second year to an SLA WCC member pursuing a training opportunity they feel will support their desired career trajectory.

SLA WCC Membership Dues Bursary

The Membership Dues Bursary is awarded to SLA WCC board members who are seeking employment (chapter finances permitting). SLA requires that all Association unit leaders be members in good standing. The bursary allows SLA WCC volunteers to continue participating in board activities during a career transition without undue financial hardship. Each board member may apply for the bursary once during their tenure on the chapter executive.

SLA WCC Student Membership Bursary

The Western Canada Chapter of the Special Libraries Association awards one-year student memberships in SLA to eligible students. Students who are currently enrolled in either a Masters level program of library or information science or, in a Library Technician program, and attend an educational institution in Western Canada or the Territories. The memberships are awarded as prize draws at SLA events during the year, to a student attending the event.