Student Membership Bursary

The Western Canada Chapter of the Special Libraries Association awards one-year student memberships in SLA to eligible students.


Students who are currently enrolled in either a Masters level program of library or information science or, in a Library Technician program, and attend an educational institution in Western Canada or the Territories

How to Enter

The memberships are awarded as prize draws at SLA events during the year, to a student attending the event.


The winner will receive a student membership in the Special Libraries Association for one year. For more information, contact the SLA WCC Board.

Previous winners

Year Winner(s)
2017 Kelvin Yu (Langara College),
Michaela Stang (University of Alberta)
2016 Corey Bussey (Langara College), Amanda Brace (University of Alberta), Simon Robins (University of British Columbia)
2011 Amy Zhao
2010 Benuka Kakkar
2009 Adrianne Baker, Michael Grutchfield, Michelle Papineau-Couture
2008 Teresa Armstrong, Sue Bradley, Micah Cooper, Neil MacDonald, Andrea Mancuso
2007 Sue Bradley
2006 Christina Struik
2005 Emily Yearwood-Lee
2004 Not awarded
2003 Shelagh K. Genuis