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Our Mission

SLA WCC provides dynamic individuals and groups involved in the business of information with an energizing environment in which to build and share the skills and expertise they need to thrive and prosper in a changing economy. We achieve this through enterprising leadership, timely communication, meaningful mentoring and the provision of outstanding learning opportunities.

SLA WCC offers its members professional development programs and employment assistance, and actively builds awareness in the community about the value of information professionals in their organizations.The Chapter offers many professional development programs in cooperation with other information industry organizations.

The Chapter facilitates networking with other information professionals through SLA Connect and our newsletter, Wired West Bulletin, which published its first issue September 1997.

SLA WCC was formed in 1985. Its geographic coverage includes the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Yukon, Northwest and Nunavut Territories. of our current 140 individual and institutional members across western Canada, the largest group is from BC, with most being from Vancouver. The second largest group is from Alberta, with most being from Calgary.

WCC Members

Our members work in financial, legal, media, insurance, technology, resource industry, insurance, healthcare, government, university, and biotechnology sectors, among others.

Our members are information professionals who:

  • Develop and manage convenient, accessible, cost-effective information services
  • Assess information needs
  • Design and market value-added information services and products
  • Use appropriate information technology to acquire, organize and disseminate information
  • Develop information policies for the organization

Wired West Bulletin

Complete archives are available here and historical examples of theme issues include:

  • Information Technology
  • Knowledge Leaders for the New Millennium
  • Advocacy/Value Propositions for the Information Professional
  • Independence to Interdependence: The Next Phase in the Information Revolution


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Contact Information

For more information on sponsorship, please contact the SLA WCC Board.