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President’s Message

by Richard Matiachuk

Changes and transitions

This year as Chapter President has flown by.  It is hard for me to believe that we are coming up on the Annual meeting and the end of the ‘year’.  Equally amazing is the number of changes and transitions we have seen in the last year.

There are the usual economically motivated changes that come with static budgets but I am thinking more about changes among our members.  Several members across our chapter are in new positions or roles.  We have also seen some changes on the Board during the year; where a vacancy has occurred others have graciously volunteered.  There will be changes on the Board as we move into 2012.  We have heard of changes at SLAheadquarters with reductions of staff and in the way allotments are calculated for chapter support.  (Allotments will be pro-rated on the basis of membership ‘level’.)

Life, work and the Association are full of changes (sorry for sounding philosophical).  Fortunately, as special librarians / information a professionals we are familiar with change and one of our strengths is the ability to adapt to change and to succeed.

Looking back

The Chapter has sponsored or co-sponsored several events including (but not limited to):

ð       Wikis in Libraries (Edmonton)

ð       Background CHECK! (Vancouver/ Lower Mainland)

ð       Spring Pub Social (Vancouver/ Lower Mainland)

ð       Library crawl 2011 (Regina)

ð       Visit to theEdmontonPolice Library (Edmonton)

Board members have spoken to students at several institutions including:LangaraCollege,Red RiverCollege, UBC, University of theFraserValley, andGrantMacEwanUniversity.  And four student memberships so far this year have been awarded.

In the spring we awarded the Annual Conference Travel Grant to Rachel Zhao (librarian at Alberta Health Services).

We have a new website in development.  And we implemented a new email address system for Board members; role specific email addresses that will bring a sense of continuity to the way the Board members can be contacted (and ensure chapter electronic correspondence is passed on when new people fill Board positions.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead begins with a sincere thanks to all those who have served on the Chapter Board in 2010.  Thank you for your support and time commitment to the chapter and our members. “Time” is one of most important commodities so thanks for sharing your time.

The 2012 Board will be made up of several members continuing in their roles, some changing roles and some people new to the Board.  Again it looks like another great Board.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations for local events, programs, professional development/networking events please let us know.


Richard Matiachuk is Reference Librarian at Regent College.

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Chapter & SLA News

Compiled by Adrian Mitescu

Chapter News:

  • Our Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 23rd at 8:30 AM (PST). All members are welcome to attend either in person or via teleconference. If you are interested in attending, please contact Richard Matiachuk.
  •  The Background… Check! seminar was a huge success – 28 librarians now know even more about finding tricky background information. Many thanks to Tania Aleckson (the organizer) and Ryan Allworth and Carolyn Petrie (the presenters).

SLA News

  • The latest issue of Information Outlook (subscription required) has more than a few interesting articles on uncovering new opportunities in special libraries and what to do when assuming a management role – check it out!
  • More SLA news can be found here.


Adrian Mitescu is Communications Director at SLA Western Canada Chapter.

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by Allan Cho

As 2011 comes to an end, the executives on SLA Western Canada Chapter will also undergo some changes.  Some great individuals will leave the board, some great ones will join the board.  Sadly, this will be my final issue as Editor of SLA Wired West.  I’ll miss being Editor as I’ve had a marvelous time learning about the great things our SLA members have been doing.

A number of great articles are also included in this issue of Wired West, and once again, they are a reflection of the fantastic diversity our members play in the library and information professional community.   In this issue, Dawn Bassett gives us a recap of her virtual experience at SLA 2011 , and Joyce Wong offers us an overview on the latest developments at Langara in her new position as Coordinator of User Experience.   Aleha McCauley, as part of UBC Library’s community engagement-initiatives, discusses the Small Business Accelerator, which should be of great interest and use for librarians everywhere who deal with market research and business-related information.

We look forward to your ideas, news, and updates about your area of work — it’s our voices together that make our profession exciting and endless in possibilities.  Ann Dreolini will assume the position of Editor at SLA Wired West.   Ann will be a wonderful addition to continue the work that I’ve been doing, and continue along the same steam of wonderful contributions from all the excellent Editors we’ve had these past fourteen years.  In celebration of all our years of efforts, I invite you to celebrate with fellow SLA members.

Share your news

Have you changed jobs recently or been promoted? Have you received an award or recognition of any kind lately? Have there been significant movements or changes in your organization? Are you an SLA WCC member taking a leadership role in other library/information organizations? Did you participate (as panelist or speaker) at a conference recently? Wired West wants hear and publish your news!!!

Articles of interest to the SLA WCC community are always welcome, some suggestions for article topics can include:

  • interesting projects you’ve tackled
  • interviews with members
  • marketing your library or services
  • trends in library computing
  • new tools you like
  • cataloguing
  • managing an electronic collection
  • plus any other ideas…

Wired West is currently produced quarterly: February 15, 2012; May 15, 2012; and August 15, 2012. Deadline for text is normally the first day of the month before the next publication date e.g. November 1, February 1, May 1 and August 1.

Submissions to the SLA WCC Web journal are welcome at any time. Please send comments, ideas, or suggestions to the Wired West Editor.

Allan Cho is Program Services Librarian at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC Library.

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Smart Business, Small Business: The SBA celebrates its first year

by Aleha McCauley

Nearly a year after its formal launch, the Small Business Accelerator (SBA) continued to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit by presenting two special speaker events in Vancouver and Kelowna, respectively.

In November 2010, the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC launched the Small Business Accelerator website – a comprehensive online portal curated by business librarians that provides access to industry-specific resources and information for entrepreneurs and small businesses in B.C.

A highlight of the SBA is its range of research guides known as Business Accelerator Guides that provide tailored information for specific industries. So far, the site features more than 100 in-depth guides, developed with the expertise of business librarians and library students, which cover sectors ranging from accounting to yoga studios. For more information, please visit www.sba-bc.ca.

(Images courtesy of SBA Flickr photostream)

In October 2011, the Small Business Accelerator presented its first speaker forum. Smart Business, Small Business: An SBA Speaker Session was held in conjunction with Small Business Week, organized by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

The Vancouver event, held October 17 at UBC Robson Square, featured two compelling figures: Paul Cubbon, Marketing Instructor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business; and George Moen, a UBC alumnus, serial entrepreneur and President of Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company.

On October 19, three more speakers offered their insights at UBC’s Okanagan campus. These included Scott Coleman, a current student and co-founder of FunCore Strength and Conditioning; Norine Webster, an Adjunct Instructor in the Faculty of Management at the Okanagan campus; and Laurel Douglas, CEO of the Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Following the talks, audience members posed questions and comments, and shared their thoughts with each other at networking sessions. Webcasts of the events will be available on YouTube. Users can also access them in the community section of the SBA website, in the Audio, Visual and Document library.

We invite you to work with us to showcase how librarians support B.C. entrepreneurs. For more information, please contact Aleha McCauley, Community Engagement Librarian (Business Services), at aleha.mccauley@ubc.ca  and twitter @sba_bc.

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Vendor News

SydneyPLUS Acquires Inmagic’s Special Library Products As Well As the Inmagic Brand

by Kathy Bryce, Andornot Consulting Inc.

As many SLA-WCC members have heard, SydneyPLUS and Inmagic, Inc. today announced the acquisition of Inmagic’s special library business by SydneyPLUS. The Inmagic special library business includes Inmagic’s DB/Text® Library Suite of products: DB/TextWorks®, DB/Text® WebPublisher Pro, and Inmagic® Genie.

The move will strengthen both SydneyPLUS and the new Inmagic division by bringing together complementary technologies to meet the needs of special librarians, while allowing Inmagic, Inc. to focus on new markets.

Andornot’s status as an Inmagic reseller/partner will be re-assigned to the new entity and from our client’s perspective, it should be business as usual. We are excited at the potential for future developments of the software and are looking forward to this new relationship.

Additional information is available in this press release: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20111024006481/en/SydneyPLUS-Acquires-Inmagic%E2%80%99s-Special-Library-Products-Inmagic



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Interview With Joyce Wong of Langara College Library

For this article, we interviewed Joyce Wong of Langara College Library.  In our interviews with librarians with non-traditional positions, we decided to ask a few questions which showcases new areas of developments in libraries.   This is the first in a number of series of interviews we are planning on rolling out in the upcoming issues of Wired West.

Q:  What is the title of your position? What are some duties of your job?

A:  My title is Coordinator of User Experience. It’s a relatively new coordinatorship and my areas of responsibilities include emerging technologies and the development of partnerships with other learning services on campus. The focus is to create an engaging user experience, especially for students in the Library. In practical terms, it means that I coordinate the Library Website and am working with our Director to develop a Learning Commons in the Library, amongst other initiatives.

Q:  What’s a typical day like for you?

A:  In addition to administrative work associated with being the Coordinator of User Experience, I also provide reference, serve as a subject specialist and teach library instruction. It is quite common for College librarians to wear multiple hats. So a typical day might include:

a. a reference shift (in-person, online chat or SMS)
b. teaching a library workshop for my subject areas
c. an administrative and/or planning meeting
d. communicating with faculty in my areas on collections and instruction.

Q:  Why did you become a librarian, how did you land your current job?

A:  I worked as a student assistant at University and really enjoyed it. Also, my undergraduate degree is in Fine Arts, for which you have to creative about gainful employment. Prior to Langara, I developed “on the job” Web authoring skills at Burnaby Public Library while working as a public services librarian. Langara was looking for a candidate with strong skills in both areas and my skill set happened to match that need.

Q:  How much does “user experience” play in your role as librarian?

A: User experience is about both the physical and virtual experience of users. It’s more than just whether users can find the articles they need on our Web site or a comfortable spot to study in. For example, in an academic setting, students may use the Library Website for research while collaborating with others on the same project in the physical library. My role as a librarian is to look at this as a continuum that better enables students to achieve academic success.

Q:  What does “user experience” mean in terms of the work that you do? How does it differ from your previous role in a more “traditional” role as a librarian?

A:  User experience has a more user-centric goal of providing “excellent experiences” (for our users) and not just “excellent services” (from us). It means finding opportunities for collaboration not just within the Library but also with other partners on campus. It is also a conscious mind frame to think about in-person and virtual services as a continuum. For example, as part of our Learning Commons proposal, we are talking with Academic Help Centres to see how they can be involved and connected with Library services such as reference to support learning outside the classroom. We are also looking at lending iPads to students and choosing the appropriate pre-loaded apps involves consulting with our Education Technology advisors.

“Traditional” librarian roles may be more segmented; for example, when I coordinated the Library Website prior to this coordinatorship, the physical space was not part of the thinking.  Increasingly, the virtual and physical are linked.  A simple example would be a tool on a virtual learning commons that helps students form study groups while also connecting them to spaces in the Library that can be used as a meeting place.

Joyce Wong is Coordinator of User Experience at Langara College Library.