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Wired West– Volume 16 Issue 1

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This issue of Wired West, compiled and published by Amanda Gajausky, Bulletin Editor for Wired West

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President’s Message — May 2013

I’m a “newb,” but I am not a “n00b.”

Did you know that there is a difference between the word “n00b” (or “noob”) and the word “newb” short for newbie?  According to the Urban Dictionary, both words (which are mostly used by computer gamers) describe someone who is unskilled or new to particular game or activity. But while a “newb” has an honest desire to improve at the new activity, a “n00b” is there “mainly to aggravate other players.”


We are a little more than a month away from the 2013 SLA Conference in San Diego. I have been working as an information professional for almost a decade and have been involved with the SLA for most of those years I will be a “newb” networker at this conference.


I approach conferences with equal parts excitement and fear; excitement because I love to learn and I particularly love to learn from other information professionals.  Fear because I dread the “networking” aspect.  I consider myself relatively outgoing when I know people, but approaching strangers, particularly strangers whom I respect and admire? Terrifying. I tend to go to my sessions, chat briefly with people at my table and then retire to my hotel room to hide.


So, what compels me attend a conference even though I am afraid to fly, I am an awkward networker, I miss my family like crazy and I find myself absolutely exhausted at the end of each conference day?  I like the challenge, I like to learn new things, and I enjoy spending time with other humans who feel as passionate about the profession as I do.


Despite the benefits technology has given us or promises to give us, nothing compares to learning from a simple conversation with another person.  It is sometimes more expedient to do this online, but as we all know, nuances are missed in the conversation.  Emoticons are a poor representation of emotions for all of their cheerfulness. As someone who dreads networking though I often limit myself to desperately searching for familiar faces.  It is always a pleasure to connect with people I know and it is easy because I already know them.  Trying to start up a conversation with a stranger is a different story, but I am painfully aware that if by staying in my comfort zone I am missing an to make a new connection and build my network.

The other benefit of attending a conference in person is being able to see an excellent speaker in person. It may be the theatre lover in me, but I like the immediacy. There is also something exciting about having a “shared experience” with a group of like-minded people. And in a conference setting, if you are brave enough, you can often approach the person afterwards and have a conversation.


Not only am I attending the SLA Annual conference for the very first time, but I am attending it as President of the Western Canada Chapter so I will have to do a certain amount of networking whether I am comfortable with it or not.  The good news is, the SLA provides a variety of ways for newcomers to connect with each other and with experienced conference attendees to make the most of the experience.

Here are just a few of the great resources available on the 2013 SLA Annual Conference website.


  • Tips for first timers – This is an excellent resource for conference newcomers.  I have already printed this and put it in my conference folder so that I can have it handy.  My favorite tip? Listen, explore, dare, speak up, participate, volunteer, mentor, recruit, smile, party, sleep!
  • SLA fellows and first timers meet Saturday, June 8 5-6pm – It’s a shame that this event is taking place at the same time as the Highlights of San Diego tour.  I may never get to San Diego again so I am planning to do my networking on the tour. I may have to use my new networking skills to meet James King as he an inspiring speaker.


There are also newcomer lunches for specific divisions and chapters such as:


Canadian SLA attendees have an opportunity to connect at the Canadian Reception .  Visit http://www.eureka.cc/canadianreception/ to register.


There’s even a section on the Info-Expo page called Tips for Talking with Exhibitors.


Yes, networking can be frightening, particularly at a conference as large as the SLA Annual Conference, but armed with these resources I feel confident that because I am a “newb” and not a “n00b” I can rise to the challenge.  And, if I feel overwhelmed, I will just follow the recommendation to “schedule a little ‘down’ time” and perhaps take a nice walk to the beach. I may be an inexperienced networker but I am expert at relaxing walks on the beach.


See you in San Diego!



Dawn Bassett has enjoyed working in a variety of special and academic libraries. She is active on the board of the Western Canada Chapter of the SLA and the Manitoba Library Association. Dawn holds a Diploma in Stage Management from Studio 58; a B.A.(Hons) from Simon Fraser University; and an M.L.I.S. from University of British Columbia. Dawn currently manages library services at the Canadian Grain Commission in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Personal email: dbassett69@gmail.com

SLA email: president@wcanada.sla1.org

Twitter: @dbassett69

Linkedin: ca.linkedin.com/in/dbassett69

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SLA News

  • Registration for the SLA Conference in San Diego ends Friday May 24th.  Registration is simple to head here
  • The latest issue of Information Outlook (subscription required – but worth it) has some really interesting articles focusing on how Information Professionals can benefit from new technologies including social media strategies. If you haven’t perused at it yet you should take a look.
  • Congrats to the winners of the Louise Leckner Memorial Travel Stipend 2013 to attend this year’s SLA conference in San Diego
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of all the great ClickU courses on the SLA website. Previous ClickU courses which you can view on the site are ‘Your Professional Future” and “Copyright and Protect Your Online Content”. While you are there take a browse of the updated site.
  • For all update SLA news check here.

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SLA Annual Conference and INFO-EXPO 2013 Information

As you all know the SLA Annual Conference and INFO-EXPO is fast approaching; so I thought it might be helpful to give you a little rundown of all the information you will need to make this a fun and successful conference. I myself am unable to attend, but our current Western Chapter President Dawn Bassett will be attending and I look forward to hearing all about what great information she picks up there.


If this is your first SLA Conference the very first thing you should check out is Tips for First Time Attendees. Here you will find all kinds of great information such as information about sessions, what to do before you get there, how to get the most out of the conference in regards to sessions, booths, networking etc. and about events that you shouldn’t miss out on.


If this is your first conference be sure to check out the SLA Fellows and First-Timers Meet on Saturday June 8th, 5pm-6pm at the Marriott, Coronado Terrace. This is an excellent chance to network with SLA Fellow and to gather tips and tricks about the conference.


The conference is of course a fantastic place to see great speakers, find out all the newest information about Special Libraries but it is also of course a great place to network. Check out some of the great networking opportunities open to you at this years conference:


Meet the CID! Networking Dinner– Come meet the Competitive Intelligence Division and enjoy a dinner at San Diego’s Fish Market.

Networking for Wallflowers – Networking doesn’t come naturally to everyone so here is your opportunity to network with others while learning how to network.

Canadian Reception– Presented by the Eastern Canada Chapter here’s a chance to meet and network with some of your fellow Canadian members.

International Reception– This event is open to all and celebrates the international activities of our SLA associations. Get out and meet some SLA international members.

Remember not all your networking opportunities have to come from conferences and dinners don’t be afraid to go and have some fun networking as well such as :

It Dance Party

Karaoke Party

Trivia Party

Speed Geek

Highlights of San Diego

MAHD Book Talk on the High Seas

Gaslamp Historical District Tour

These are all fun ways to meet some new people and Network, Network, Network!


There is so much to see and do at the conference so how do you narrow it down? Well first of all follow this great tip: Step outside your comfort zone and or area of specialty. Just because it doesn’t directly apply to you doesn’t mean it won’t be interesting and beneficial. Get out there and explore as much as you possibly can! You never know what you may learn that you will be able to bring back to your library.


Here is some interesting sessions you may want to check out:

60 Sites in 60 Minutes– This is a very popular session that explores under-utilized Websites. What have you been missing on the internet?

What Hard-Core Technologies does the Librarian Need to Know– We all know we have to embrace technology here you can learn a little about what technologies libraries are/will be using in 2013.

Panel Discussion: Connect, Collaborate, Strategize: A panel of information pros will be discussing and debating popular topics of the conference and throughout the year.

Go Beyond Google: Gathering Competitive Intelligence: In this session you will hear a variety of methods to better collect and analyze open source intelligence from around the web.

Spotlight Session: E-Books and How they Affect Special Libraries: This panel of special librarians and a member of the publishing industry will discuss the needs specific to special libraries in regards to E-Books and what we can do to address them.

Don’t forget to check out this year’s Keynote Speaker Mike Walsh


There is so much to see and do at this conference but do not feel overwhelmed, just relax have fun and take in as much as you can.


For much more information please check www.sla.org/SanDiego2013

And for easy access to all things Conference at your fingertips while you are on the go in San Diego download the Online Conference Planner Mobile App.

There are also some great free San Diego apps on the Itunes app store that you may want to check out. Download a free map app so you don’t get lost. Perhaps you are staying after the conference to visit the city? There are apps that help you out with all the top attractions.


I hope everyone has a fantastic time in San Diego and please feel free to contribute your experience to the next issue!

Happy learning and networking everyone!


Amanda Gajausky


SLA Bulletin Editor Wired West

SLA Email: editor@wcanada.sla1.org

Personal Email: Agajausky@gmail.com



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Introduction of the New Wired West Bulletin Editor

Amanda Gajausky

When I was appointed the Editor of Wired West I was advised that my first post should be a little bit of an introduction to who I am. So please allow me to indulge a little and I will tell you all there is to know about me. (In the most concise format possible of course.)


So who am I exactly? My name is Amanda Gajausky, I currently live in Winnipeg, I am a recent grad of the Library Information Technology and Information Sciences program at Red River College as well as the new Editor of Wired West. During my two years in school I did a number of placements and I always chose to work in Special Libraries because this is where my interests lay most.  I worked in a Music Library, Volunteer Manitoba, Filmore Riley Law Firm as well as the City of Winnipeg Archives.


As well as my education at Red River I have attended the University of Winnipeg majoring in Political Science and I have a Photography degree from Parsons New School University in New York City. I am very addicted to travelling and I have lived in a number of exciting cities including New York, Dublin, Sydney, Perth, Prague and Crete as well as travelling to most major U.S and European cities along the way.  In all the places I have been I somehow always end up finding myself in a library or a book store. I am heading back to Europe in a few weeks to celebrate the wedding of some great friends in Prague and stroll the streets of Paris and London. While I am away is there any Special Libraries you would like me to visit or report on? Let me know and I will see if I can make it happen for next issue! After that I will be back in Winnipeg and beginning my career in Libraries and hopefully getting to know you all a bit better. Although I may be new to the field I am very enthusiastic to jump in.


I am very excited to get to know all of you and learn from you in the field and I hope I didn’t bore you too much with this bio. I was told to talk about me and now I have.

I am excited about continuing on with the SLA and working with Wired West. If you have anything that you would like to contribute I would love to hear what you have to say about any Special Library related topic.

Till next time then.


Amanda Gajausky.

SLA Bulletin Editor Wired West

SLA Email: editor@wcanada.sla1.org

Personal Email: Agajausky@gmail.com